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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an International, manmade water way created to ease communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean that is not only an engineering success but also a sigh of the countries progress. It offers its tourist a vivid view of beauty and a cultural mix of both North and South America. Its like a visit to two places at the price of one.

Panama Viejo

The Panama Viejo is the remaining part and former country capital located in the suburbs of the current capital. This oldest settlement was destroyed many years ago in a fire and is an important site today because it is the only example of historic planned settlement. The ruins of the place offer a vast insight into the country's vast culture and heritage.


The Miraflores is one of the three lakes that form the Panama Canal. The lock is open daily from 9am to 4pm and allows visitors to view the scenic beauty and daily functions of the site. The lock has a visitor's center and wooden platform from where one can see the transit of vessels clearly with the furnished binoculars. In addition the center has a well equipped theater and restaurant that facilitates tourist visits.

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, is the historic district of Panama City. It offers the cities most quality accommodations and has the most favorable location. It gives visitors a blend of colonial style living with a more modern life style. It is by far the most posh and colorful part of the city that capture ones heart and mind.

Centennial Bridge

The Centennial Bridge is a major bridge crossing the Panama Canal. It was built to reduce the overcrowded bridge of Americas. In 2004 it became the most important bridge of Panama. Visitors like the view surrounding the bridge and hence visit.

Apart from this, other places of interest here are Playa Las Lajas, Isla Taboga, Pearl Islands, Amador Causeway, Sendero Los Quetzales, Santa Catalina, San Blas Islands, Coiba and many more.

Panama City is the capital of the republic of Panama and the administrative as well as business head of the country. Founded in the early 15th century by Spanish conquistador, Pedro Arias Davila is recognized for its mixed architectural attributes, skyline building and enriching culture. The city is locates between North and South America and thus enjoys a balanced blend of both worlds. Because of its favorable location, it offers easy access to some of the nation's best reaches and resorts. Apart from this fishing, boating and water sports are an integral part of the cities attraction. In our discretion it is one of the top family destinations as it offers an array of things to do for both adults as well as kids.

General Information

Location: Republic of Panama, Central America.

Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, French and Panamanian Creole.

Nearest Airports: Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.

Best Time to Visit: Mid - October to Mid - April.

Emergency Contact Number: 103 / 104 / 911.